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Thomas Bernhard: 
Der Stimmenimitator / The Voice Imitator Music: Modell Doo Voice: Robert Reinagl
Limited vinyl album coming up in 2021.
Cover photo: Sepp Dreissinger (Thomas Bernhard in Obernathal / Ohlsdorf, 1981) Dreissinger found this rare work in his archives and thankfully made it
available for us.

Graphics: Roland Hörmann

Thomas Bernhard's literature contains a certain mercilessness. The collection of short prose pieces that he called The Voice Imitator in 1978 combines the harshness of his world and misanthropy with poetic sophistication and extravagant narrative maneuvers; this series of anecdotes is one of the least known, but most exciting works of the writer. The almost surrealistic wit so typical for Bernhard permeates these short stories – there are absurd fables, laconic death case studies and abysmal local news. The horror of the narrations is kept in suspension by the sarcastic conciseness of the author’s writing. 


20 of the 104 prose pieces in the volume are currently being set to music by Austrian experimentalists Modell Doo, in collaboration with the actor Robert Reinagl, who works in the ensemble of the Vienna Burgtheater. The result will be neither an audio book nor a literary opera, but a completely new, possibly alien liaison of text and composition: 20 sound miniatures in which prose performance and electronic avant-pop genuinely merge. Reinagl's ambiguous recitation works the protocol of the tragic-comic events that Bernhard unleashed with feverish insidiousness, while the music subverts both the verbal interpretation and the text blocks themselves, thereby creating unimagined additional levels. 


The commemorations for Thomas Bernhard's 90th birthday are due in 2021. This new adaptation of The Voice Imitator will serve in several ways to refresh the memory of Bernhard's incredible power of speech and contempt for death.


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We should've been playing on Friday the 13th (March 2020) -- at Fluc, Vienna (Praterstern), 8 pm,

supporting the legendary Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire et al).


Sadly it didn't happen. (You know why.)


Working on a new date, hopefully in 2021!


Kleine Video-Impression zu unserem Musik/Bild-Projekt im Wiener Admiralkino am 29.1.2016.

(Details siehe weiter unten.)


Next chance to see Modell Doo play live:


Wir werden das zweite SalonkonzertAV – nach Christian Fennesz' feiner Vertonung der Videoarbeiten Manfred Neuwirths vor wenigen Wochen – im Wiener Admiral-Kino absolvieren: Am 29. Januar 2016 werden wir das schöne, mehr als ein Jahrhundert alte Lichtspielhaus in der Burggasse 119 (siehe auch Foto unten!) ab 22 Uhr bespielen – mit einem speziell komponierten Live-Soundtrack zu Bildmaterialien des Videokunstduos Gerda Lampalzer & Manfred Oppermann.


Termin bitte vormerken!

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What you missed (if you haven't been there):


MD live im Wiener Metro-Kino (vulgo Kinokulturhaus) am zweiten Spieltag der von Paul Poet kuratierten Retrospektive Austrian Pulp – 10. Oktober, 22 Uhr, Johannesgasse 4.

Der 10.10. war dem früh verstorbenen Carl Andersen und seinem österreichischen Frühwerk gewidmet – es wurden ein paar kurze Werke, seine legendären Wiener Sex- & Crime-Langfilme plus eine brandneue Andersen-Doku gezeigt.


Unser spätabendliches Konzert stellte anschließend eine nur für diesen Anlass gestaltete Erinnerung an jene Klänge dar, die wir zwischen 1987 und 1990 für und mit Carl Andersen entwickelt haben: Zabbadoing-Remixes und Weirdo-Hauntology!


Die beiden Live-Fotos oben: shot by Sigrid Klimt.

Foto: Peter M. Mayr

Latest Album:

Orbit Utopia

12 new tracks

on 180g double vinyl incl. CD


This concept album deals, song by song, with the biographies of twelve little-known scientists, ten of them real, two of them fictional, all of them visionary and cracked, one way or another.


Watch the teasers:







There's also a very limited edition available:

Orbit Utopia (Deep Research Edition)

features 2xLP plus CD | an art print of the cover collage on hand-made paper (signed and numbered by the artist, Roland Hörmann) | an audio cassette containing two remixes of the tracks Konrad and Derbyshire by Berlin-based dancefloor- and techno-artist WASSERSTOFF | a vintage science magazine dating from the 1920's to the 1970's (a different magazine in each package).

All those items come in a specially designed Orbit Utopia-tote-bag.
Limited to 100 pieces.


Regular or limited edition

Radio is on!

Our cover version of the exquisite song "Radio" by Erstes Wiener Heimorgelorchester has been released online by monkey.music. Here's a link to hear (or download) it!





Modell Doo played live


"Orbit Utopia" | album presentation

Sept. 20, 2014, Liquid Loft Studio

Performance and text pieces by Thiemo Strutzenberger

Live visuals by Michaela Grill





March 15, 2013, Kunsthaus Graz

Including the first public presentation

of MD's album Frame Electric. Music for Movies, 1987-93


MD played there as part of the Diagonale festival nightline –

and as part of a film series called Austrian Pulp.


Look at some pictures

Modell Doo: Frame Electric. Music for Movies, 1987-1993

(ModellMusik 004) Listen!

180g vinyl edition, limited to 250 copies, numbered and handpainted. Look!

Album released in November 2012.

Remastered original soundtracks

for three films:


Vampyros Sexos aka I Was a Teenage Zabbadoing,

directed by Carl Andersen, 1987/88

Mondo Weirdo, directed by Carl Andersen, 1989/90

karma mécanique, directed by Johannes Rosenberger, 1993


Frame Electric. Music for Movies, 1987-1993

Modell Doo: N.A.T.E.

(ModellMusik 005) Listen!

Two recent tracks on 7 inch vinyl, limited to 100 copies, numbered and hand painted covers. Only a few pieces left! Published in 2012. 


N.A.T.E. one/two

Modell Doo: Dinky Diamond

(CD, Klanggalerie / ModellMusik 003)

14 tracks by MD,

spanning the years 1986 to 2011.





Dinky Diamond CD


Album release concert: November 2011, rhiz (Vienna).

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