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Modell Doo: N.A.T.E.

Vinyl single, 100 copies only, handmade cover art.

Recorded and released in 2012.

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Modell Doo: Frame Electric. Music for Movies, 1987-1993.

Album, heavy vinyl, limited edition of 250 copies,

handmade cover art.

Released in November 2012.

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Backcover / Tracklist
Backcover / Tracklist

Modell Doo: Dinky Diamond

Released in November 2011

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Modell D'oo: Empty Metropolis

(ModellMusik 002)

Rare three track vinyl EP, released in 1987. Handpainted cover art.


Empty Metropolis EP


Modell D'oo: I Was a Teenage Zabbadoing

Bits and pieces from MD's soundtrack of Carl Andersen's I Was a Teenage Zabbadoing (later entitled Vampyros Sexos), compiled on a rare tape edition, released in 1988. Features two additional MD tracks, two songs by Ronnie Urini and High Voltage by Future Blues.


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